World's first Themepark for Cars

CarmusementFlights® & CableFlights®


Fly in your own car via a ropeway system from the highway junction at the convention center to the city of Stuttgart or take a ride in your own car in a Ferris wheel, a carousel, or shoot through a loop. This new invention creates a completely new kind of theme park and enables to overcome urgent traffic and pollution issues. Michael Mack, the inventor of Vienna’s ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® located at Prater Vienna is currently developing a special transport platform for cars together with his team. Car passengers may ride on a Ferris wheel (CarmusementWheel®), a carousel ride (CarmusementCarousels®), as well as on ropeway systems (CableFlights®) inside their cars. This technology (patent pending) enables both – innovative entertainment solutions in car-driven theme parks (CarmusementPark®) and new environmental friendly traffic concepts. In future CarmusementParks® you may find CarmusementWheels, besides a long list of further possible attractions such as the CarmusementRollerCoaster®, CarmusementChairoplane®, CarmusementSwing®, CarmusementFreeFallTower® or other exeptional CarmusementFlights®.



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